Healing Retreats

a place to remember your hope; a place where healing can begin

Healing Retreats

Support for families after the death of a child


Surrounded by miles of National Seashore, forested trails, sand dunes and a tranquil retreat space; the Healing Retreat is unhurried time for families to spend together.

In the quiet beauty of Cape Cod, your family will have a chance to express your grief naturally.  The Healing Retreat is a safe place to begin tenderly dealing with your shattered emotions.  It is a place to remember your hope.  It is a place where healing can begin.

Whether you need to talk or you are tired of talking; whether you have lingering questions or new found faith; whether your family feels connected or is fragilely distant…The Healing Retreat will help.


What do we do at a Healing Retreat?

Cry, laugh, yell, dig in the sand, talk, meditate, walk along the ocean, grieve, honor, play, rest, celebrate, share stories, explore, hike in the woods…among other things. Healing Retreats are custom designed to suit individual family’s needs.

  • Create intentional goals suitable for your family
  • Use creative, therapeutic tools and the nature of the Cape to enhance the grieving/healing process
  • Explore how to “be” in your world
  • Find meaning and purpose in your loss; hope and joy in spite of your loss

We can work with you on tailoring the experiences to fit your needs, schedule and interests. We will have a phone consultation with you before you come.

Limited scholarships are available through the Art for Charlie Foundation.